We Need Your Support, Please!

The Carolinas' District has a longstanding tradition of class sponsorship by its member hunts. The CHS Executive Committee encourages class sponsorships, and Masters are encouraged to spread the word about sponsorship opportunities to their respective hunts' subscribers.

As a Class sponsor, your name will appear in the Show Program beneath the class sponsored. You may also want to consider sponsoring a class in memory or in honor of another.

When filling out the sponsorship form, please provide text exactly as you would like it to appear in the program; the Carolinas' Hound Show will do its best to accommodate your specific request, but would prefer that you use language similar to the following examples:

Ms. Jane Smith
In Memory of Ms. Jane Smith, M.F.H.
In Honor of Ms. Jane Smith

To ensure recognition in the show program, please return your sponsorship form and payment no later than April 1, 2023. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

Company or individual name as it should appear in the program.
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We will try to accommodate the class you request; however, in the event a class is already sponsored, we will assign your sponsorship to another available class. Thank you for your understanding.
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